(Some days I just need to break open my special “Hope-List” journal and remind myself of what God has waiting ahead for me : )


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A handsome man after God’s heart❤

A man who boldly lives his faith in Christ; who is 100% sold-out for His cause; who is completely unashamed of the Gospel (the FULL Gospel) and will exercise his gifts; a man who is a leader and someone of noble character; a man who is a doer of the Word & not merely just a hearer; a man who is obedient to God & His word no matter the cost; a man who will weep with those who weep and care for the broken-hearted, the destitute, the lonely, the sick, and hurting; a man who will be able to teach & preach God’s word and who really lives out what he believes; a man who is hospitable; a man who is accountable to other godly men for his life, heart-attitude, and actions; a repentant & humble man and someone I can laugh together with; a man with a clean & pure heart; a man who respects and honors me, women, and authority and also someone who loves children & the rejected of society. And most importantly…a man who reveres, honors, and loves the Lord above anyTHING or anyONE else!

And, for this man…I will wait.




Caterfly Identity Cover-3-D image

Remember when boys had cooties? Well, somewhere along the way, cooties slowly change into cuties, and can be known to fluctuate back to cooties given the right circumstance. Some of my earliest memories of those “cootie-filled” members of the opposite sex are flashbacks of being challenged on the playground to a race. Maybe you have a similar memory? A boy walks up to you on the playground, all pumped up, and says, “Do you want to race?” (Ooh, how I loved this question!) Heck yeah I do! And, in a matter of seconds, you find yourself at an impromptu “start line.” You quickly designate a finish line being “The third tree on the left, next to the curb,” and before you’re even done with your sentence, you yell, “On your mark, get set, go!” And like lightning speed, you’re off! Afterward, you naturally go back to the awkward we-don’t-talk-to-each-other-and-you-have-cooties’ mode until recess the next day. Just the typical childhood playground pursuit. Continue reading