What About Clark Kent?

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Superman?” Probably, like most, you picture Christopher Reeve with his red cape, blue tighties, and his infamous chest-“S” flying around the world to save the day. A superhero, right?

Now, let me ask you another question…what about Clark Kent? Ordinary and not so superhero-ish, right?     Processed with Rookie

Well, Clark Kent IS superman. And, Superman IS Clark Kent.

This nugget of truth came to me as I was looking for a way to describe how I view our nation’s combat veterans. These Superheroes live, work and dwell amongst us, as seemingly ordinary folk, yet hidden underneath their shirt and tie are the marks of bravery, sacrifice and service to our country tattooed on the inside of their bleeding hearts.

I have the great honor of working with such a group of these courageous men and women through a ministry called “Reboot Combat Recovery” which was started by Evan and Jenny Owens out of the Fort Campbell Army Base. (You can learn more at: www.rebootrecovery.com). Reboot exists to help warriors and their families heal from the spiritual wounds of war associated with PTSD and combat trauma.

Tonight, I was humbled and deeply honored to have been invited to sit in on a testimonial time where a few of these superheroes shared their stories of combat trauma and also how God has used Reboot to bring hope and healing back to their lives after returning from war. I was on the edge of my seat listening to their gripping stories of what they endured and experienced as they proudly fought for our freedoms. But, I also thought how our society often times sees and even treats these mighty soldiers of war, as just ordinary Clark Kents of the world, not really understanding the true heroes that they really are.

How can YOU honor and high-five the Clark Kent-Superman-Combat Veteran in your world? Here are just some of the ways:

  1. PRAY for them. War has a major affect on EVERY area of their lives and therefore EVERY area of their lives would greatly benefit by your prayers. (If you’d like to be a prayer-partner with Reboot, email jenny@rebootrecovery.com)
  2. Servetheir families somehow. They have served us with fighting for our freedom and would be blessed by your service in helping them. There are MANY practical ways you can do this…just ask them how you could be of help? (Ideas: clean, cook, babysit, etc.)
  3. Honor, respect, & remember them (not just on Veteran’s & Memorial day ; )
  4. Financially partner with Reboot Combat Recovery (Learn more here: www.rebootrecovery.com)

 Thank you for going forth to love, honor, and respect our soldiers!

“If we don’t endure the pain, we will miss the glory.” (Quote from Blake, a Combat Veteran’s testimony)