Today, as I was strolling along the back roads of a remote country highway near the outskirts of Nashville, I was struck by a scene I saw alongside the road and pulled some insights from it as it relates to guarding our hearts.

IMAGINE a rickety, old, rusted fence thinly-lined across a once-paved cemented driveway that now only covered itself with weeds and overgrown grass. To it’s immediate left stood a small “NO TRESPASSING” sign that appeared to have been slapped on over a black and grey half-grafittied sign from someone else’s failed attempts to speak somethingProcessed with Rookie about this property. And directly behind was found an old, broken-down, washed-colored home…left abandoned and barely standing.

At first, it was the fence that began to speak and reveal some thoughts to me. A wiry piece of metal hung fifteen feet from one metal post to another. Weak and powerless to stop intruders…yet there with some semblance and artifact of an original attempt to protect. This fence seemed to whisper to me its similarities to the ones found hidden inside many of our hearts, including my own.

Proverbs 4:23 says to guard our hearts above ALL ELSE because out of it flows the wellsprings of life. Easier said than done, right? Especially when it comes to the area of love.

We want to be loved. We are made to BE loved. But what if your heart looks like the house described in this scene? Broken and abandoned. What if you haven’t set up a strong enough fence to begin with and have allowed trespassers and intruders alike to walk about freely on the precious soil of your heart? Maybe you sincerely believed a “NO TRESPASSING” sign would be enough to ward off those sweet charmers, yet your loneliness seemed to always find a way to let them slither themselves right back in? Or maybe you have a hard time believing you are something worth guarding, so then what good is a strong fence worth having anyways?

The greater we value something, the stronger we set up the guard to protect it. I can guarantee if you had a massive diamond from Tiffany’s, you wouldn’t just leave it sitting out on your front porch. You would guard that beaut like nobody’s business! See, that’s the thing with some of our hearts…we hang that sign and attempt to post guard, yet deep within have a hard time seeing we are worth being loved and protected.

If you relate to any of this, be encouraged that there is hope! Because just like this house, you may feel weak, weathered, and of little or no worth, but…you…are…still standing. And the truth is you ARE of PRECIOUS WORTH and absolutely worth guarding that beautiful heart of yours! So, start now…Begin on the reconstruction of the house of your heart by securing a new fence using the building blocks of truth of what God says about you and reminding yourself daily of your precious worth. And, also by setting stronger guards of surrounding yourself with people who value you not only with their words, but also with their actions, too.

Now, go ahead and with new authority, stake that “NO TRESPASSING” sign over your heart, and watch your heart grow stronger and more secure with the best love out there—God’s. You ARE loved and worthy of being loved.



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