He Beckons Me

According to Webster’s dictionary, to “beckon” means…(1) to signal (someone) with your arm or hand in order to tell that person to come closer or follow; (2) to appear attractive or inviting; (3) to attract (someone or something).  Image

Lately, I’ve been feeling a sense of wooing and beckoning from the heart of God like never before. It seemed to begin a few days ago, when I was walking up the stairs at work and in the quietness of thought, I sensed the presence of God beckoning me to Himself. I felt my heart thump, like the way you remember a loved one that you miss. I teared up and realized I missed my Love and He missed me, too. He was calling me closer to Him in a new way, to a place of fresh intimacy.

It was twenty years ago that I was first introduced to this Great Love. I was quite the broken and hurting college student feeling lost in this crazy world, yet was so wonderously rescued by the greatest of Heroes. And through the good, the bad, and the ugly…He has been so faithful to me. But, sometimes I forget and take for granted His beautiful love and constant faithfulness to me. And, I can just get used to routines with Him. It’s so easy to get busy with life and other relationships settling for a basic security of His commitment to me, yet miss out on all the treasures of the deep love He’s waiting to give. 

I sense this same invitation to you, as well…the beckoning of His love calling out to you. Will you allow Him to love you? Let His arms cover you with healing and strengthen your heart with grace. There is a fresh new love for you. A new place of intimacy and fulfillment in Him. He’s so in love with you and deeply desires to show you how much. As your heart aches and your soul longs for more…know He will satisfy you and is waiting to bask you with His presence.

Let Love awaken!   

P.S. Something to enjoy…”When You Walk Into the Room” by Bryan & Katie Torwalt (http://youtu.be/fj82P3zkgBU)








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