Glass Case Heart

One of my favorite places to meet with God is through songs of worship to Him. It’s a glorious place to be where I find myself getting lost in a world unlike the one I live in, a world of beauty and seeing the majesty of God. It’ s also a place where I experience a special intimacy with Him that often times brings with it moments of healing and supernatural love that washes over me with refreshment to my soul.


I had one such moment recently…

As I was engaged corporately in a time of worship and had my eyes closed and my heart focused in on connecting with the heartbeat of God, a picture began to slowly develop in my mind.  At first, I was just spinning around dancing with God, who was dressed as a King and Father and was truly enjoying this dreamlike experience with Him. Then, we had a ‘moment,’ a moment where my heart stood still and I could feel the weight of what was happening. The kind of my moment where someone you love wants to have a heart-to-heart with you about something very important. God showed me a snapshot of what my heart looks like in the area of love and believing for a husband. I saw a picture of a bright and beautiful red heart that was fully covered and protected inside a glass case. He showed me that although I have become vulnerable in many areas regarding this matter and may appear to others and even myself that I’m completely trusting God in this…I still have a hidden wall of protection over my heart because deep down there are fears and even mistrust in God to truly hold and handle my heart.

At this point, He ever so gently and lovingly asked me for my heart, to not just let the guard down, but to give it fully over to Him and trust Him with it. With tears welled up I extended my heart in faith and trust to the very One who made it.

Within an hour I heard some news that really put that decision to the test. As tempted as I was to snatch my heart right back from God and throw it in that glass case, I chose instead to leave it in His merciful hands.

It was soon after, that a second picture came to my mind. God showed me how when I gave Him my heart, He placed it in a beautiful royal treasure chest to secure it for when it would be time for Him to give it to one of His trusted sons.  He promised to guard it and brought the key that He locked it with near to His heart assuring and securing my faith in Him to do so.  Such love!

Each time when the fears and lies of the enemy have come knocking at the door of my heart to tempt me to take back my heart, I have been strengthened in courage by remembering not only these pictures, but also by the truth of the character of who God is. He IS such a good and loving God and…He always keeps His promises to His kids.

In You, Lord…I put my trust.


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