One of Your Sons

I consider myself to be pretty secure in my single status. Now, do I greatly desire to be married? To be a wife? To be a mama? To share my life with a handsome companion? Why, yes, of course. But, despite these desires of mine, the reality is…I am just not quite there yet and am not willing to settle for less than God’s best either. And, so in the meantime, I have chosen to be productive in the wait and not put my life on hold until that Mr. Sweetness comes along to sweep me off my feet. Life’s a lot more fun that way! (You can read more about this: “Making the Most of Being Single” & my recent book project)

But, I am human…and although I am at peace and pursuing fully the life God has for me in the now…there are many days and journal pages full of questions, frustrations, tears, and prayers to God about this mystery. 

Today was one of those days.

I have found myself discouraged lately in the evidence of a lack of strong, solid, and single godly men in my world.  I know they are out there…but it just seems those that are around me are living lukewarm for God. Where are the men who are willing to be radical for God? There’s nothing more attractive to this wild “Jesus-Freak” girl than a man passionate for the cause of Christ. But, where are these men, Lord? And, really…where is this man…the man you have for me whose heart is fully yours?

These were the prayers that started flowing out of me today as I had a little chatski with my ‘Papa in heaven’. Then, a moment happened where my prayer became a revelation that birthed a hope for this man and also strengthened me to continue to wait for him. Here’s a portion of it:

“Father, there’s gotta be godly men out there? It doesn’t seem like it right now, but I know you know the hearts of men around this world and you also KNOW those who’s hearts are fully yours. I am asking you to send me one of these men, one of your most trusted sons to be the man you have for me to walk this life out with. Restore my faith in this, I pray.”

If you have felt frustrated, discouraged, and heartbroken over some of these same areas like I have, I pray you too will feel strengthened in your faith as you believe (and wait) for God’s very best pick for your life. Don’t settle…God has one of His most trusted sons in the process of preparation just for you! It will be worth the wait ❤


4 thoughts on “One of Your Sons

  1. Brilliantly put! You are so right…..the solid, good Christian men are very hard to find. The right “Mr. Right” will come across your path when you least expect it and yes, it will so worth the wait!

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