Caterfly Book Project


2 thoughts on “Caterfly Book Project

  1. Hi, lara
    🙂 i watched your video, i am proud of you and i just love your gentle pure spirit. Jesus lights up through you and you are just shining away all the from nashville. Ha ha! ! Im so excited about your book, i really want to pre order one of your books hopefully next friday. Ill try not to forget, right now i am reading beauty for ashes by joyce meyer, i never read it at mercy but joyce meyers ministry sent i to me as a free gift, i never used to like reading before mercy, now i crave it. Well, congratulations and you are a blessing. You are going to touch many hearts and speak wisdom and truth, revelation from jesus through your book and people that dont know jesus will have a desire to buy it and read it and then be saved. You are awesome!!
    Angela garza:) lincoln graduate

    • Awe, sweet Angela…THANK YOU so much for your kind and encouraging words! Precious you are ♥ No worries on getting my book just yet…it’ll be coming out in October. Love that your reading more (I am a big reader too ; ) and am praying for you~

      Luv ya sister!

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