To Church or Not to Church?


Recently we asked some members of Cross Point to share with us what does Cross Point mean to them? Featured first is Lara Izokaitis.”Nine months ago, around Christmas time last year, I moved from California to Nashville with a job transfer. And, if you have ever moved to a new city, then you can relate to the uncomfortable and often times, unavoidable pain of loneliness of transitioning into a new world. A world where everything is new and unfamiliar. I remember driving to a Starbucks that was twenty minutes away from my new home here instead of the one that was right down the street…why? Because the one 20 minutes away felt just like the one I went to in Cali and for a short moment would alleviate the pain of the unfamiliar and make me feel at home.

Then there was the church question?

To be honest with you, as a single girl who has been in full-time Christian ministry for the last fourteen years and working on multiple church staffs, I have had my share of some church wounds. So, when it was time for me to find a church home here, it required a lot from my heart to keep moving forward in this pursuit. Because what I had discovered to be true in my healing process was that God IS good, and although His people may be broken, He still desires for us to be on a team to do life together with Him and for His purposes, i.e. the church.

I began my “church tour” of going from church to church each Sunday to see which one was going to be a good fit for me. I had been invited multiple times to Cross Point by a few others, but to my fault I had originally judged it as a church for Nashville hipsters, thinking that a girl like me, who doesn’t own a pair of skinny jeans would probably not fit in well there. But one wonderful Sunday morning, when I was running late to another church I was close to joining, I decided to accept the invite of my co-worker, Eve Annunziato to join her as her guest at Cross Point. So glad I did!

It has been a “Cross Point Whirlwind” ever since! From the moment I walked through the front doors, I was treated as if I have always been a part of this church. The warm welcome of the greeters, volunteers, and also the staff was so disarming and heartwarming. Felt like home. After attending a “Discovering Cross Point” class, I became a member. And, to me the next step and the most natural one was to contribute to this team I am now on through volunteering. So, I signed up to help with being a greeter on the First Impressions team. I loved being able to meet lots of new people and help make them feel welcomed, as someone had so graciously done when I was visiting as a guest. I also recently became a community group leader and had our first meeting with a group of lovely ladies, who also want to talk about God and do life together.

So, what has Cross Point meant to me?

Life. Loved. Accepted. Grace. Healing. Friendship. Fun….and HOME. Because of Cross Point, I have experienced God in a beautiful new way and for that, I am so grateful.


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