Santa’s Workshop

While I was praying with my friend today (August 31, 2012), a picture popped up in my head that I believe was an encouragement not only for her, but one also for youImage

It was of…Santa’s Workshop. (And, yes, I DID just make reference to thee most magnificent of places located at the center of the North Pole.) In this picture, I saw a few of Santa’s elves busy at work on all sorts of projects and projects that would later become gifts delivered promptly at their designated time of arrival. Gifts that were crafted by the blueprint of someone’s heart’s desire. Gifts that began with a wish-list, a dream. Gifts that someone has been believing for and waiting on with hopeful expectation that some day soon will come. I saw one elf working on putting together the body of a doll, and another one assembling the wheel of a pink Barbie car. And, this was all happening NOW, at the end of August, months before the expected time of arrival and all being done…in the hiddenness of the secret place, somewhere far, far away.

This picture is an encouragement for us to believe! To believe that what we have been hoping for, dreaming of, and expecting God to do…He WILL do and is in the process of doing, even right now. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Even though we may not be able to see evidence of this happening in the present, He is and has been working on our behalf, in the hiddenness of the secret place to bring about His promises…at the right time. He has not forgotten you and has your very best in mind. Just like Christmas day is the time where little children wait all over the world with joyful expectation to receive a gift they have been waiting for (and not just any old gift, but one that came from their heart’s desire), so too God wants to encourage you to be in expectation for the gift He has waiting just for you. A gift wrapped beautifully and tied nicely with a bright red bow on top. A gift that has an appointed and purposed date when it is to be opened. A gift with your heart’s desires.

My hope for you today is that you will once again enjoy the childlike faith to believe, dream, and hope for what is waiting inside this gift that is being made right now specifically FOR you…in the hiddenness of the Secret place (by the very best “Santa” there is ; )

Merry Christmas to you!


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