How to Rock Da Bun

How to Rock Da Bun 


First time I saw “Da Bun” (as us south-siders of Chicago would say it because somehow we lost the ability to pronounce the “th” sound) was on Pinterest. Loved the way it looked, but thought it would be too high maintenance for this low maintenance chica. But, let me tell you…o’contrare! So easy! I’m talking easy like Sunday morning-easy. So here goes my “how-to”:

  1. Get yourself a knee-length sock (and doesn’t have to be as cute as the one pictured ’cause it’s hidden inside your boof, but it just makes me feel better knowing it’s not my dad’s old stinky trouser sock hidden all up in there)
  2. Cut the toes off of your cute knee-length sock (see pic)
  3. Brush your hair into a ponytail (positioning it wherever you would like it to be) and secure it tightly with a ponytail holder
  4. Take your sock with the toes cut off and scrunch it up (see pic)
  5. Tip your head upside down & put the “sock-scrunchy” at the tip of your ponytail (while your head is upside down) and begin to roll your air inside the sock
  6. Make sure to tuck in hair ends to cover the sock, especially in the very beginning making sure to shape the bun around the sock-scrunchy
  7. Continue to roll hair around the sock-scrunchy with your hands in the center of it with head tipped over
  8. After approximately 3 rolls, lift head up and roll and shape while looking in the mirror making sure to tuck/shape hair into the bun
  9. As you roll tighter, you will reach a point where you can feel the bun is tight and secure and then…
  10. Wahlah…You have yourself “Da Bun” : )

There you go! Enjoy your bun and have some fun (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!)


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