Compassion International & Sweet Wawu : )

There is a little 13-year old Indonesian princess living across the world from me named “Wawu”, a precious young girl who captured a piece of my heart years ago. From the moment I laid eyes on her…at a Natalie Grant concert through…a picture of her tucked away in a white envelope that I raised my hand to receive.

And, this was no ordinary envelope!

I remember holding it in my hand for a few seconds before opening it, having the sobering realization that I was about to be introduced to someone that God had designed for me to be in relationship with, a divine connection of purpose and destiny. And, then, there she was…this beautiful young girl with a smile that was resilient! Tears welled up inside me as I stared at my new little friend and someone that would be in my life for a long time because of this golden opportunity of being able to sponsor her for a measly $38 a month. What a privilege!

I sure do love snail mail (who doesn’t, right?), but there is nothing that compares to the joy I feel when I see a letter waiting for me in my mailbox from dear Wawu!  I see God answering the prayers I pray for her and hear about her prospering in school, sports, friends, and family, etc. Deep joy fills my heart!

It’s fascinating to me how God connects people and even those across the world. And, it’s ministries like “Compassion International”, who are helping bring hope through provision in the practical and the spiritual that make this all possible!

Image                                   Image                               Image

I am so grateful for this ministry and encourage you to check out Compassional International’s website ( and sponsor a little-one today!!

And…pray for Wawu…I believe she is going to be one of Indonesia’s greatest leaders!! : )


5 thoughts on “Compassion International & Sweet Wawu : )

  1. Lara, we’ve sponsored a child thru Compassion International for about 10 years; ever since learning about it at an Amy Grant (no relation) concert. It’s a great organization. As always, our prayers are with you.

      • God works in mysterious ways: yesterday, after reading your blog, I noticed the Kansas City newspaper had a 2 page article about Compassion International. Coincidence?

  2. It’s incredible how you can so quickly love a child halfway across the world. I remember receiving my first child’s packet in the mail from Compassion and meeting Hezekiah for the first time. Priceless!

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