Me & My Niece Veja (my recent trip to Canada)

I realized tonight that it has been quite some time since I have been on my blog…remember the “heating pad” thing? Yep, believing God for a new laptop! Well, because I have some news I will be sharing in the upcoming weeks, I thought I’d “warm up” some with posting a special pic of my beautiful niece, Veja that my sister just sent me from my recent trip to Canada.

…I’ll give you a little hint…this girl might be doing a boot-scootin’ boogie here soon!

P.S. Really, how cuuuute is this little girl’s face?! Precious.


2 thoughts on “Me & My Niece Veja (my recent trip to Canada)

  1. She sure is a cutie. Glad to see you posted again. My Mac died a few weeks back, what a tragic day. It is now $200 later back on my lap and SO not the same so I feel your pain. I think I know some of your news from your email, and I am excited for you! Keep up the posts, I miss your writing.

    • You’re a dear Noel! Appreciate your encouragement of my writing and I AM writing still…just not on the blog ; ) And, I feel ya on the laptop thing…I, too, have an attachment to mine and am not letting it go easy-holding on to dear life! But, I know the days are limited and soon will come when I am introduced to my new. Much love to you, friend~

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