My Heating Pad

No worries, I am here. Why the “break” from blogging? I am just coming out of denial now (as my lap-top is ever-so quickly heating up here on my lap) that maybe my laptop has seen the best of it’s days. It’s a moment we can never really be prepared for, nor do we know quite how to handle when our beloved technology goes kaputz. Can you hear the violins playing in the background? You know when your laptop is drawing near to it’s end when every time you try to scroll down for something  you have to pick up the left hand side of it, let it air out to cool it down until it gets the umph to start movin’….and only a few minutes after turning it on. Is it over? I am going to hold on to the very end, but am prepared for the inevitable ; )

A short update regarding the Maker’s Diet, now in Phase 3 with the glorious grains added to my diet. What can I say other than “Thank you Lord for sprouted grain Ezekiel Bread!” The real test is just a short week away when I travel to the wondrous country of Canahhhda to visit family. We have already planned a family trip to the local Canadian health market on arrival-such a support that fam of mine is! Afterall, this is not just a diet for me, but a lifestyle so it’s best I learn how to travel well with eating well! Would appreciate your prayers~

Some of my recent Maker’s Diet discoveries:

I really love blueberries, grapefruit, hazelnut/almond butter with raw honey, eggs, and coconut water (specifically “Coco Aloe” with bits of aloe in the water) I love that when I have cravings now they are for fruit. Crazyness, right there.

Ok, my heating pad is screaming out saying “Please stop talking” and shut me down. That I will.

I will update soon (who knows maybe I need to switch to video?)…Be blessed!


One thought on “My Heating Pad

  1. Miss you, darling Lara! Baby Lucas is still not here so it looks like we won’t be making the long trip up north for Run for Mercy. I am so sad about this, but maybe sometime you could stop by if you’re heading down to LA for some reason. Thinking of you often.

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