Maker’s Diet Day 7

I am not on the “Maker’s Diet” to lose weight, but I must say that I sure didn’t mind seeing the scale showing me 7lbs lighter this morning! Wowzers. I guess that’s what eating veggies, berries, nuts, and seeds will do! (Oh and can’t forget the “green-sandy” drink  of course (notice I refrained from putting the “nasty” in front of it?…that’s because with a little faith and some carrot juice, it has graduated now to just the “green-sandy” drink)

God is doing lots on the inside of me beyond the physical and as I savor, wait, listen and process-I imagine by the end of these 40-Days there will be some precious gold excavated out of this experience. I looked forward to sharing these gemstones with you!

In the meantime…some more pics of my “interesting” concoctions (and how my creativity has been stirred too!)

(Pic 1) Sunday lunch-sauteed some ground turkey in coconut oil with onions and mushrooms sprinkled with chia seed & flax-seed. The side salad next to it was for my lunch on Monday (today..and let me just say-Deelish!) I put a lot of veggies in it-bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, carrots, sprouts, fresh dill, pica de gallo (? now I wondering if I just wrote “chicken” in spanish? Whatever the stuff is called that looks like salsa but is spicey! ) with sea salt and for dressing (extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt,  apple cider vinegar)

(Pic 2) I sure do like this Honey Bear ; ) I am able to have 2 Tablespoons of Honey a day (and trust me with having some sugar withdrawals, I take full advantage of that!) and I eat it with some heated up almond butter. Thank you Jesus for the bees!


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