What’s In That Green Super Drink?

Is this pricey?” a question asked by someone today regarding the upcoming 40-Day Health Experience from Jordan Rubin’s book, “The Maker’s Diet.” Legitimate question and one of the first questions that was raised in my thinking when I first considered doing this. My response: yes, it is pricey, but it’s well worth the investment!

Price? A higher price tag usually means a higher value on what is being offered and this is how I see spending more on the necessary supplements/foods needed to make this healthy experience a successful one. Our health is of great value wouldn’t you say? ; )

Investment? One of the meanings of investment is money that is invested/given with an expectation of profit. I like that…with an expectation of profit. I believe there will be much profit gained as a result of investing financially towards our health in these products/food needed to do so. Profit?… More energy, less sickness, weight loss/gained (depending on your need), and sense of well-being.

Here is a list of the main supplements/products needed for the 40-Day Health Experience :

  1. Living Multi Optimal formula (complete multivitamin and mineral supplement)…they didn’t have this one at Whole Foods so instead I got the Vitamin Code for women ($30) and will take 2 tablets at a time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Olde World Icelandic Cod liver oil…couldn’t think of stomaching fish oil, so got the pills instead
  3. Green Super Food (“Perfect Food Raw”/$33)
  4. Raw Organic Fiber (“Whole Food Fiber Blend/Super Seed”/$26)

Each day we will take all of the above with the “Cleansing Drinks” (a mix of 1 scoop of the green Super food & 1 scoop of Fiber) 2x’s a day and the Multi Optimal/Vitamin Code supplements (2 capsules) 3x’s a day and ending your day with fish oil/capsules.

(Pic) Have you seen what is in the “green super drink” (that’s what I am calling the “Raw Perfect Food-Raw Organic Green Super Food” because that is just too many words for this sister! And, the Fiber Blend/Super Seed drink is “the sandy drink”…try it and then you will know why!) Here are the ingredients to the green super drink:

Raw Organic Green Juice blend-(all of this is organic) barley grass juice, alfalfa grass juice, oat grass juice, wheat grass, kamut grass juice (have never even heard this word ‘kamut’ before!)

Raw Organic Fruit & Veggie Juice Blend-pineapple, beet root, carrot, spinach, broccoli, tomato, kale, red cabbage, parsley, brussel sprouts, green bell pepper, cucumber, celery, garlic, ginger, green onion, cauliflower, asparagus

Raw Organic Sprout Blend-amaranth sprout, quinoa sprout, millet sprout, buckwheat sprout, garbanzo bean sprout, lentil sprout, adzuki bean sprout, flax seed sprout, sunflower seed sprout, pumpkin seed sprout, chia seed and sprout, sesame seed sprout

Raw Probiotic & Enzyme Blend-there are ~20 different types that end with “ase” that make up of 100mg of the total ; )

This green super food is made with (taken from the front of the “Perfect Food” container):

34 nutrient-dense RAW organic greens, sprouts, and veggies and rich in Chlorophyll, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants, Enzymes, and Probiotics. It provides RAW energy, healthy detoxification, healthy digestion, and elimination, healthy blood sugar levels, and immune system support.

I don’t know about you, but I know I have not consumed all of these ingredients mentioned in one day, let alone in my lifetime and think it’s a pretty good deal to get them all in a drink. Worthy investment? For suresy!




2 thoughts on “What’s In That Green Super Drink?

  1. I have that product too!! I hardly ever use it. Have have put it in with my homemade juice, but I don’t do that too often. How do you take it?
    Btw- thanks for adding me to your friend list. I will be very interested to red about your healthy lifestyle.

    … I bought this product because there is a girl on you tube who made a vegan chocolate pudding and included this. I was like: I gotta get me some! I never did make the pudding.

    • Hi Audrey! Yes, the green-sandy drink…well, I drink it 2x a day before breakfast and in between lunch and dinner. This is my system (because it is just not my favorite taste…yet): I get some carrot juice out pour about 3/4 cup of it in a glass (or a plastic shaker cup that I keep at work), pour the mix in it, stir it up and then add a little bit of water and stir some more. Then 1-2-3 plug my nose (ok, not anymore, but the first couple of days I did) and chug! Then I grab a little left over carrot juice to drink soon after and sometimes I will have a few blueberries on hand too to eat. It really doesn’t have to be this dramatic, but hey it gets the job done! ; )

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