I was driving today thinking about my commitment coming up in a few days to do Jordan Rubin’s 40-Day Health Experience from his book, “The Maker’s Diet” and I found myself having mixed emotions about it. My first emotion was excitement and not so much about the challenge itself, but more so because of finding out about those who are wanting to join in on the challenge too (and that just makes me happy-remember the cheezy quote, “Team work makes the dream work”) Then I felt my stomach drop which I found to be quite interesting followed immediately by this thought that popped in my head “It’s like pre-season.”

When I hear the word “pre-season”, I am immediately brought back to memories of early August 100 degree temperatures playing volleyball in a gym that some of you sports fanatics may be familiar with called “Allen Fieldhouse” in Lawrence, Kansas training for six to nine hours a day for the few weeks before our official University of Kansas volleyball season would begin. I am practically twitching writing these words remembering back to those times. Each year, a few weeks before it was time to head back to school for pre-season, I would find myself feeling sick to my stomach with nerves thinking about what was ahead (and trust me we had merit for these feelings too…they didn’t keep trashcans near in the gym for no reason!) And, honestly, for me, the biggest fear was always, “Will I be able to endure the pain and excel in the midst of it?” along with the worries of making that prized starting team ; )

I realized today that this is where I am at right now with preparing for the 40-Day Health Experience coming up in a few days…pre-season. And the same deep underlying question that I faced back in college before my volleyball pre-season days is the same one I find myself looking at again now, “Will I be able to endure the pain and excel in the midst of it?”

No pain, no gain, right? Pain of self-denial for the good of something greater is not an easy choice to invite into our lives. I sure do like eating chocolate covered raisins, Doritos, and a list of other processed, fat and sugar saturated food items. It tastes good, but it also does harm to my body, I know. Injustice, I say! ; ) Denying myself the feel-good of a little something sweet to my taste is painful, especially since somewhere along the way recently I have let in the thought that because of the rest of my body not feeling the greatest, that somehow I “deserve” a little sugar pain relief. As Joyce Meyer would say, “That’s stinkin’ thinkin”. I know. And, I tell ya, that “you reap what you sow” principle that God tells us about in the Bible is no joke. So, here I am today at a place where I am well aware that I need to sow into my body health to then reap the benefits of greater health.

In these “pre-season” days before Monday, August 1, 2011 coming up, I am getting myself ready for the 40 days ahead where I will endure through pain of self-denial with anticipation and expectation to excel in health and healing in the midst of it…and a result of it.

Some of the “pre-season” drills for me include-reading and studying more of Jordan Rubin’s book, “The Maker’s Diet” to grasp the mindset along with terms and foods that I will be eating; facing some of the fears I have head-on by bringing them to God in prayer and in honest talk to Him, but also stirring my faith as to what I am believing and hoping for through this journey. Oh yes and getting a plan together with eating and cleansing drinks/supplements, etc ready for the Monday kickoff!

I got a feeling…it’s going to be a Championship season!


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