Invitation To You (40-Day Health Experience)

If you have been around me long enough, you have then most likely heard me say one of my many cheesy quotes like this one, “TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!” Team work DOES make the dream work. Being a part of a team to accomplish something is always so much better (not to mention more fun!) than trying to do it alone. I have been around and on some sort of team my whole life starting with being born into the “Izokaitis” team of seven and continuing on to many of sport teams, leadership teams, and ministry teams. If there is something to accomplish, then I like to work with others to see it come about, which…is..why…I…inviting…YOU……a…part…of…

Jordan Rubin’s “The Maker’s Diet” 40-Day Health Experience/Challenge! (See Invite)

The story behind the motivation to do this…

A long story made short is that I have been battling for quite some time with a disease called “Lupus” which is autoimmune disease that attacks my own body causing all sorts of not-so-fun stuff to happen to my body. (Click here if you want to learn more about Lupus.) Most days war has been declared inside my physical body and I am just sitting back as a spectator trying to get the white flag I am waving to be seen! The good thing is that the no-war zone has been declared over my heart that has a supernatural peace that God is taking care of the big picture including that one day I will be given a new body (and that one for an eternity in heaven-I likes that!)

I have not mentioned this publicly up until this point because honestly it is quite humbling and vulnerable to speak of illness. And included in that is the judgment and misunderstandings that others have towards the sick ranging from what sin have I committed to bring this on me , to feeling pity towards me, to what have I been eating that has allowed this disease to stay? God bless them! Somehow people forget the parts in the Bible of trial, testing, and God just wanting to do a miracle in someone’s life. And the eating thing? Well, that is why I am about to venture onto this 40-Day Health Experience to bring some potent health into my body. But, even so, I understand that healing in any form, whether it comes through a pill from the doctor, foods that we eat, and/or an instantaneous miracle from God-It is GOD who brings about the healing and the help. If just food, or just a pill could heal us then where does God get glory? Jordan Rubin in his book, “Maker’s Diet” is very clear to give credit where credit is due with God being the center of health, wholeness, and healing.

I also do not let this disease define me, nor do I identify myself with it and have been careful to guard that as well. I have decided to share because maybe somehow in my journey of healing I can be a source of comfort and encouragement with others who may need some extra love in their struggle with battling an illness.

Who is this “Maker’s Diet/40-Day Health Experience” for? For everyone…the more, the merrier!! ; ) If you want to have more energy, lose some extra poundage, and/or need a miracle with your physical body because of an illness, then…join with me and others these next 40-Days (starting August 1, 2011) to hit it hard with pursuing health and healing!

How do I start? Buy the book, borrow it from a friend, or go old-school and check it out from your local library. Look at the back of the book for the schedule for the days, plus eating plans. The 40 days are broken down into three phases of two weeks each. And, here is a summary of what a day looks like on this diet:

Prayer (prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of healing, and prayers of petition), hygiene (Clenzology, aromatherapy, baths), uplifting and energizing music, exercise, three cleansing drinks (whole food fiber mixed with green superfood), supplements (multivitamin with homeostatic nutrients, and Cod liver oil)

There is an investment of products to make this work (broke it down here for you):

Garden of Life/Jordan Rubin/

  1. Living Multi Optimal formula (complete multivitamin and mineral supplement)…they didn’t have this one at Whole Foods so instead I got the Vitamin Code for women ($30) and will take 2 tablets at a time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Olde World Icelandic Cod liver oil…couldn’t think of stomaching fish oil, so got the pills instead
  3. Green Super Food (“Perfect Food Raw”/$33)
  4. Raw Organic Fiber (“Whole Food Fiber Blend/Super Seed”/$26)

“40-Day Health Experience”

(Some excerpts from “The Maker’s Diet”)

“Many times in the Bible when God wanted to trigger a significant “turnaround” on earth, He instituted a forty-day plan” We see this demonstrated in the lives of Noah, Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, and Jesus (Genesis 7:4; Exodus 24:18; 1 Kings 19:8; Ezekiel 4:6; Matthew 4:2; Acts 1:3). Are you ready for your significant “turnaround” to restore optimal health to your body-physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally? This forty-day investment will pay a lifetime of dividends for you and for those you love.”

“God definitely healed me, but He did it in the natural, practical way I have shared with you-through the Maker’s Diet. My mother says is best; I was healed ‘as I feasted on the Word of God’ and applied principles-including dietary-to my life. Believe me, these principles of divine health are completely reproducible in your life, too”

“Now is your opportunity to experience the first forty days of the rest of your life-forty days that will change your life forever! The Maker’s Diet 40-Day Health Experience is divided into three two-week phases. These three phases are easy to follow, and each features foods that are extremely healthy and delicious.”

“The Maker’s Diet 40-Day Health Experience is designed to attack the three I’s-insulin, infection,, and inflammation.”

OK, so here we go! I will be updating on my blog ( during the 40-Days and would love to have you join in with sharing your personal experiences too!


4 thoughts on “Invitation To You (40-Day Health Experience)

    • Great question…I think having the book is ideal, but I am thinking through some ways to make it possible to join in to some degree these 40-days. Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions!

  1. I have a friend who was diagnosed with Lupus, and she saw great benefit from changing her diet. A major change was she no longer eats meat, and under doctor’s care has been able to get off her medicine. So more power to you and be encouraged.

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