Surprise! When is the last time you were genuinely surprised? There are some people who really LOVE surprises and then there are some who are on the opposite side of the spectrum and don’t really like them at all. I think that I lean more towards the middle with an extra something tipping more towards the loving them (that’s my organizational side of my brain speaking there) The thing is that it seems like it has been quite some time since I can say that I was truly surprised…well, until today, that is.

I started my day this morning with a trip to a place that I would like to not visit as often as I have been lately, “Rocklin Automotive” to get my air conditioning fixed. I get there, chat some with my new friend, Tom the owner, hand over my car keys and off I went with my friend to have some Saturday morning coffee time thinking I would get a call in a few hours to come pick up my car. The call came as expected, but what was not expected was Tom telling me that it would cost me $2000 to fix it all. Tom, come on…seriously?

A car that I paid $3000 for and have spent $2000 already for now needs $2000 more. Really? Yep, not going to happen. “Tom, what would you do”, I asked? This is where any single girl, if honest, would love some male loved one to jump in the picture and take over. My pops lives in Michigan and I am still waiting on my “Mr.”, so for now…it’s me, Tom, and my Heavenly Pops (and He kinda knows a little something about the car industry ; )

Tom’s advice was take it to Car Max, sell it and buy a new one. I got off the phone and took a minute to process all this in the Starbucks bathroom. I took my car in to get my air conditioner fixed and now I am needing to get a new car today? OK. God, I am choosing to see this as your way of helping give me an upgrade and You wanting to bless me. Because I sure was tempted to think all kinds of anxious thoughts that come with venturing onto the crazy path of selling and buying a car, but knew that I did not have a choice in the matter. It was not wise to keep this car.

Off to Car Max I went. And from there it was a whirlwind. Michael greeted me, took my car keys to get my car appraised, walked me out to the car lot, showed me the two rows of cars out of the 600 cars there of the cars I could afford, brought me inside showed me some more cars online. I found a car, he told me what they would buy my car for, he ran my credit, told me I was approved for the best rate of interest, ordered my new car from LA to be here within the week, and that was it. Finito. All within an hour. That’s how I like things done! Thank you Lord~

Woke up this morning with a 1997 black Nissan Maxima and finished my day with a 2002 white Mitsubishi Galant. Surprise!

I have been savoring this surprise throughout the rest of my day today and have seen some things that through this experience that have personally encouraged me in:

God loves to surprise us and He is the best at them! Sure, I could have sought out methodically when I would like to sell my car, research a potential new one, plan it all out and purchase a new car at some point, which is more my tendency, but God decided He was going to bring a little surprise into my life, to which quite honestly after today I can see I have been in need of lately.

What this surprised did for me was rejuvenate my faith in an exponential level. Today’s surprise, in many ways, I feel was a prophetic picture to me of seeing God surprise me with answering some long-awaited prayers. That one of these mornings ahead I will wake up thinking it’s an ordinary day and God will surprise me by doing something extraordinary bringing about a “suddenly”, an answer to prayer changing my world a little by the time I rest my head down at night all in the same day. Even now as I write…excitement and faith is growing inside of me!

What are some of the surprises that have popped up in your world lately? What is God speaking to you about them? He is a God of the extraordinary, a God of the supernatural not limited by anything! And just as He surprised me this morning with my new car, I believe more surprises are ahead for me and for you~ Look forward to hearing some of your surprises : )


4 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Happy for you! This was the best decision and good advice. I think you got your 3K out of the other car, but maybe not your 2K. So putting in another 2 was just not wisdom. Glad you took the advice.

  2. So my first surprise of today was FINALLY getting the time to read your blog! Got the email about and have been waiting to relish in the good reads over this weekend 🙂
    God is so good. Thankful for you and your new wheels. Nothing quite like that new car smell even if it’s a 2002 it’s still new to you. Are you checking out all the buttons and using the cup holder just because you can?
    I like surprises. My most recent surprise thinking I was going to have to move and then being pleasantly surprised when prayers were answered(at least on my end) and I didn’t have to leave this place that I love.

    • Noel! thank you for reading my blog : ) Happy to hear of your special surprise of how God answered your sweet prayers and desires of your heart! He sure is a good Papa like that~ And, yes about checking all the bells and whistles of my new car…and if you see a girl in a white Mitsubishi with a perma grin, yes, that would be me ; 0

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