3-D God Moment

 Do you ever have a “3-D God moment”? A moment where you see something or experience something that seems to have a little more depth than what meets the eye? I have these from time to time and just had one recently.

As I was sitting listening to a beautiful young girl talk about her “caterfly story” (how Jesus has changed her from her old caterpillar self into a radiant person transformed by the love of God), a few of my tears had dropped on the desk before me. One of them was a larger drop and the other next to it a smaller-sized one. And then it happened…my “3-D God moment.”

The tear drop seemed to become magnified and captivated me. I can honestly say I have never looked at a tear drop like this before. As I was looking at it, these were some of the thoughts that followed:

“There is such value to these tears. There is one bigger than the other…How do they come out in different sizes? Is there more pain or joy in the larger ones? And less in the smaller ones? If you wouldn’t have known that these tears came from me, you would just think that some water dripped on the desk. But this pool of water strongly distinguishes itself because of the content of what is in them. Each tear that comes out of us was released because of a catalyst-some of them joyful and some of them painful. Wow…the stories behind each tear drop!”

When I was looking at the larger tear by the way the light was reflecting on it, there appeared to be a tiny shining dot that looked similar to that of a keyhole. It was similar enough to make me think of how often times being able to release those bottled up tears within us can be the key to bringing long-awaited and much needed healing that our souls are crying out for (no pun intended). Did you know that tears were never made to stay inside you? They were created to be released. It’s when unshed tears stay bottled up inside that things start getting clogged up within us and are bound to create other forms of unhealthy release.

 Each tear drop released has a story written on the inside of our heart. That story matters. God cares about what you have been through. He stores up those tears in bottles and knows every one of them. He also promises that those who shed lots of them…will be soon dancing the super-joy dance because of them.

 So don’t be afraid to let those tears flow…it’s like liquid draino to our souls! And you’ll just feel so good to shed some of that heaviness off of you.



8 thoughts on “3-D God Moment

  1. Lara, this is right on! I receive so much comfort knowing God cares about the ‘why’ behind each tear…beautiful…

  2. After reading this a song comes to mind…I’ve been loving this one lately: “Forever and a Day” from the Be Lifted High album from Bethel Live. It’s so amazing.

  3. Lara-thanks for this. I find I keep a lot of tears inside. I think it has to do with being a mom and trying to keep everybody happy. No kid likes to see the mom cry. But in my moments in the closet,with our King those tears start flowing and what a great release this is. You have a gift girl(writing) thanks for sharing it!!

    • Thank you dear Noel and I think many people tend to keep those tears bottled up and just need a little more encouragement to let those babies out ; ) you are such a great mama that your kids won’t think much about you crying and may even see that tears are a great way to have a healthy release to pain (as pain in this life is unavoidable) Appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

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