Super Yummy Smoothie


Super Yummy Smoothie


For my blog entry today, I couldn’t help but share with you one of my favorite smoothie concoctions (that I just happened to have made myself for dinner tonight : )


  • frozen blueberries

  • a banana

  • small scoop of Organic Vanilla Yogurt

  • scoop of Flax & Fiber

  • scoop of Chia seeds

  • some Kale leaves (sounds disgusting, I know, but you can’t even taste it and it’s the most nutrient-dense thing to eat on the planet! Seriously, it is.)

  • little bit of Vanilla Coconut milk creamer

  • a little bit more of Vanilla Almond milk

  • lots of cinnamon (I just really like cinnamon, so you can just put a little if you’d like)


*Just blend this up and enjoy!


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