“Lara’s Theme”

This video is special to me for two reasons:

(1) My mama named me “Lara” because she loved the song “Lara’s Theme-Somewhere my Love” from the movie Dr. Zhivago

(2) The sounds of an accordion bring me back to memories of Lithuanian dance and choral practice in Chicago

And the two combined together?…well, just makes my heart do a happy dance on the inside ; )


3 thoughts on ““Lara’s Theme”

  1. Hi Larute!
    I LOVED the “Lara’s Theme” per the talented accordionist’s rendition. Where did you find him???
    Hope all is going well for you and that you are staying healthy!….Buckis……Teta Elyte

    • Thanks Teta Elyte! Isn’t he great?! I found him one night while living in Lietuva and somehow stumbled upon this version of “Lara’s Theme” and…just loved it so! I am glad you enjoyed it too ; ) Buckis…Lara

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