Material Girl

As I was getting out of my car tonight, I thought about not locking my car. And, for a girl who’s from the south side of Chicago…that’s a big no-no!If you know me some, then you know that I am freaky about locking my doors. Just out of habit when I get into my car, I look from a distance away underneath my car (for those of you who aren’t familiar with some street smarts, here’s a tip-always look under your car as your walking up ’cause there’s some crazy folk out there who lay down under and they’re not there taking a nap either!), then before getting into my car I look in the backseat just to make sure again that none of those crazy folk are around. As soon as I get in, doors locked, and I am good to go. This really isn’t a blog on how to be street smart…

Back to me getting out of my car and the to lock or not to lock question…what do you think I did? Yeppers! To lock I sure did. But, why did I hesitate? I thought to myself, “What do I have of value in my car that if someone stole, I would be upset about?” In my car right now (a car, mind you, that has a dent on the side when my roommate backed into it as she was seeking cover from a tornado..oh Dorothy, there’s no place like home!) you would find-a volleyball in the backseat (do I ever use it anymore? No, but it sure does makes my heart smile just a little by looking at it), a bible in my glove compartment (which I have another of in my room and written on my heart. Plus..they need to open it up and learn a few things, perhaps starting with the “thou shalt not steal” part), and an IPOD. I locked my door out of habit and being smart, but as I was walking inside, I thought how it wouldn’t matter if someone took any of these items. They are just material. And, then Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Material Girl” comes in my head (which I can’t stop singing now!)…living in a material world, and I am just a material girl. The thing is…I am just NOT a material girl.

I am just a girl who is content with a warm bed, food on my plate, and a roof over my head kinda girl. (Oh, can’t forget the hot shower!) Now I am not saying that I don’t mind a nice home, nice car, and a bunch of other “nice” things just like the rest of us, but true to the core of who I am today is a girl-content and grateful to God for what I do have.

What about you? Are you looking to something to bring you happiness? Is your image defining you and driving you? Are you just a material girl (or guy)?

Philippians 4:11-12 says “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.”

Material is just material and it will fade. Seek out that which is of more value, that which comes from above, and lastly that which is found within. Contentment comes from knowing that no matter what happens (for richer or poorer) God is going to take care of us. So let’s not sweat that small stuff, that material stuff, and enjoy the peace and provision of God’s hand.


8 thoughts on “Material Girl

  1. This is why I ❤ you, Lara! You encourage me to mentally let go of things that ultimately will never satisfy me like the Word of God!

    And haha about your street smarts section! 😀

  2. The real test comes when we are lacking the warm bed, food on our plate, the roof over our head, and the hot shower. It’s a reality for many, if not in all of those aspects, maybe one or two. How willing are we then to be content when we have literally nothing around us but God’s presence? Just something I’ve thought about now and again…I’ve been challenged on it more than once 😉

    • you’re absolutely right, Sarah…great insight! The test can come both ways–lacking the warm bed, food on our plate, the roof over our head, hot shower or the other extreme of having the luxuries of life and not seeing the need for God’s presence. Both are tough tests, and both get the passing grade and fulfillment when we look to God for not only what we need, but for our heart’s content. Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Hi Lara!
    I met you at Catalyst and we talked writing… I’ve been reading your blog over the last several days and I love it! Way to use your gifts, girl! 🙂
    Stay strong,

    • Dani!! Hey friend! Great to hear from you and thank you for your words of encouragement!! Coming from an editor…that means alot to me! Thank you for being the one to get me going with a blog ; ) Bless you~

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