New Baby Girl

 A picture can say so much…especially to help a girl, who’s hands are stingy with soreness from the last six weeks of 200 hours of writing. It’s Mother’s Day today (Happy Mama’s Day to all you amazing Mama’s!), and I, too, am celebrating being a “Mama” in a different way.

 Six weeks ago, I determined that I was going to get the job done, and finally get out of me the book I have been trying to write for years now. I had enough of distractions, and excuses-I was going to do this! And that is exactly what I did. Every moment I had these last six weeks were spent consumed in writing my manuscript. My days consisted of going to work, working out at the gym after work, coming home, showering, grab my laptop, and out the door to the coffee shop for the next 2-3 hours with Saturdays being my long writing day of 5-7 hours. With each chapter coming out of me and getting on paper, it felt like contractions of giving birth! Tears, and pain became my constant companion. Distractions and roadblocks came of all sorts from sickness, to death of a friend, a computer crash, and a computer dash across the room when a sweet old man accidentally caught my cord while walking. But, I was determined-May 8th…that was my “due date” and that was when I would have it done.

I am so elated and exhilarated to announce to you that I did it! I pushed this “baby girl” out of me last night and am excited to be able to introduce “her” to you soon!


6 thoughts on “New Baby Girl

  1. OH Lara, Congratulations! I am so excited for you and to read it! Great job on setting your mind and following through. I admire that. No doubts in my mind that your book will touch lives.

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