Yellow Brick Road

(Warning-you will probably be singing this all day now) “Follow the yellow brick road..follow the yellow brick road.. follow..FOLLOW…follow…follow…follow the yellow brick road…”

Growing up, one of my favorite family traditions was watching the Wizard of Oz together. All six of us, excluding the one male respresentative in our household of six women, would pile in our living room together with popcorn popped, and pop in hand (and ‘pop’ for those of you who are from the South, that’s what us Northerners call our soda) as we transformed our living room into one giant blanket.

Most of us know the story…Dorothy and her dog Toto were scooped up in a tornado from their humble farm in Kansas, and dropped off in Munchkin land with a mission to find their way back home. The journey of seeing this dream come true happened along the infamous yellow brick road.

It is the same with our dreams.  We all have our own yellow brick road. When Dorothy stepped onto the first yellow brick, with it also welled up within her, the hope that with each new yellow brick ahead, that she was one step closer to seeing her dream come true.

Here are some lessons I have learned from the yellow brick road:

One yellow brick at a time. One..yellow..brick…at…a…time. As long as you are on the yellow brick road, why not be courageous and take a small step forward to the next yellow brick? You will lose nothing, and instead gain so much! With each step forward, it is a step filled with hope of one day seeing what you have been believing for-come true! Don’t stop stepping!

Choose your friends wisely and join yourself with other dreamers. Dorothy’s friends-the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion, along with her were also pursuiing their own dreams. It is key to surround yourself with people in your life who encourage and inspire the dreams within you. And, make sure to be tenacious about keeping the naysayers far away (unfortunately there are more of the these than the former.)

Be aware of distractions, apply disciplines, and maintain focus. Walking along the yellow brick road, and seeing some yummy apples to eat, Dorothy and friends took a detour to taste and see-a distraction that hurt them. It is tempting to want to take a detour off the yellow brick road after some time spent practicing disciplines, and making sacrifices to move you along to seeing your dream come true. Like for me, my current pressing dream of publishing my book requires some disciplines to be put in place in order for me to see this come about. How I wish I could just click my heels and wahlah! But, before Dorothy ever clicked those dazzling ruby kicks of hers, she had herself quite a journey before that! Some disciplines I have currently set in place, for example, are that I would spend any free time I have evenings/weekends writing.  And along with disciplines, some sacrifices…I have put myself on restriction from my online social world of facebook/twitter until I finish my manuscript. Without discipline, dreams are just talk. If you have detoured from your yellow brick road..just get back on it!  Maintain focus, never lose sight or leave the path of vision.

Understand that their is going to be opposition! Every good story has a superhero and villain. Dorothy’s enemy was the Wicked Witch of the North, who used all kinds of tactics to attempt to keep Dorothy from reaching her dream. Balls of Fire? Creepy flying monkeys ! (I still fast-forwarded this part every time) And, when evident evil wasn’t working, then the plan switched to using a deceptive ‘poppy seed’ field. We have an enemy of our soul who also would love to destroy the dreams in our heart knowing that within our dreams lies the key to making our world-a better one. 

The fight is the strongest right before your dream comes true! When Dorothy and crew spotted the Emerald City-hope came alive that soon their dreams would be made real. And, as they dashed off into the field of poisoned poppies, one by one they began to drop to the ground. Hope alive one minute, hope dead the next. Often times right before the impossible is made possible and we see our dream come true-the enemy attempts to poison our hope and faith. But, God is the ultimate antecdote! He will revive and bring your dream back to life! Faith always wins!

The end of the story…Dorothy and Toto see their dream come true and return safely home! There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home.

Wherever you are on your own yellow brick road, keep taking steps forward! Surround yourself with other dreamers. Be aware of distractions. Apply disciplines and know that the sacrifices are worth it, and they are only for a season. Never forget there is an enemy that would love for you to give up on your dream (DON’T DO IT!), and remember, when the fight to keep your dream alive gets the most intense-you are right around the corner from seeing your dream come true! Maintain focus, stay on this road, keep the vision of your dream alive, and…

Like Dorothy and Toto, you too, will be clicking your heels (or whatever kicks you fancy) with joy when you see your dream come true!


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