Sugar Zero

I am known to be someone who has some of the most interesting (to say the least) interactions with strangers. This was today’s…

I am standing in line at Starbucks to order my iced-grande unsweetened green tea (which anytime before last October when I decided to give up coffee for the year, it would have been a delicously high calorie and expensive-iced vanilla latte), when this little old man startled me by coming up to my right side, and standing a tad bit too close in my personal space. Usually I am observant of what’s happening around me and can spot the ones a little off kilter coming towards me, but this one just appeared seemingly out of nowhere! Hair brushed flatly forward with edges curled upwards like a wave and a voice sounding like he sucked some air from a helium balloon seconds before he spoke, he said to me:

“I’ve got two things to say to you (with a long pause as to create the effect of what he was about to say)…sugar zero (long awkward pause)…sugar zero (long, even more awkward pause). So, if anyone ever asks, you can tell them that a little old man whispered sweet nothings to you.”

And, he walks away. Ok, then… and, bah-bye.

There you go, a peek inside my world with more of those ‘Sugar Zero” type stories to come. Still not so sure if he was thinking he was giving me a compliment by calling me a ‘Sugar Zero’? Sugar pie? Yes. But ‘Sugar Zero’…humm. Maybe there’s a song out there that I haven’t heard yet with  “Won’t you be my Sugar Zero?” Sugar Million? Yes to that! Sugar Zero? No thank you.

God bless the little old man who whispered (apparently) sweet nothings to me today : )


2 thoughts on “Sugar Zero

  1. bahahahhahaha! that made me laugh out loud (in starbucks, incidentally) 😀 i could just picture the whole thing!

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