Blooming Spring

“However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural; then the spiritual.”-1 Corinthians 15:46

God gives us the things in the natural first, so that we may better understand spiritual things.

I knew I was in trouble when I forgot to bring my IPOD to the gym today. I started out on the first machine, and lasted ten minutes with lactic acid from my quads screaming at me so loud telling me to just get off, and call it quits. Uh-uh. Nope, not going there! I got my tail in here, and I sure am going to work this tail too. Toughen up, Lara. Get some mental strength here! Ok, I did it. I resolved to atleast commit to thirty minutes, and boom-done deal. I jumped off the ‘punisher’ (just came up with that cheesy name for the yellow machine that no one knows the name to), and got on the eliptical.

Doot-dee-do…what to do? (Ouch, ouch, ouch.) Distract. Looked to the TV’s and nothing good on. Looked around to others working out and well, awkward. Then, had a moment remembering a funny story a co-worker told me, and realized that I had laughed out loud…without an IPOD, or IPHONE or anything else electronic that may have appeared that I was listening to something or someone. 17 minutes left? Sigh.

What better way to distract then to go down deep-thinking lane? And, that is just what I did.

I thought of the winter ending, and the beginnings of Spring appearing. I remembered a picture I had recently seen that my dear friend, Genelle Willanger shot that captivated me of pink flower with a light dust of snow on it. Remnants of a past season sprouting hope of the new one to come!

The natural comes first, then the spiritual…Seasons. Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Just as we experience different seasons in the natural, we also experience different seasons in the spiritual. Are there times that you feel stuck in the rut? Or maybe a period of time where sadness has got you gloomy? What about that heart of yours? Do you feel it needs to be awakened? Healed? Revived? Sprout some color back in your world? Winter season. 

The hope we have when we find ourselves in a Winter season is that Spring is right around the corner! We were never made to experience a life-long winter. The grace of Spring comes to bring refreshment to our souls, both in the natural and spiritual.

This is what I felt today while distracting myself on the eliptical. Reflecting on how I sense the snow is beginning to melt around me, and beautiful flowers are beginning to appear in my world.

My encouragement to you today-if you have been enduring through a long Winter of your soul, do not lose hope because your Spring is coming! Look up, open those beautiful eyes of yours, and see the flowers beginning to bloom around you.

And, my 17 minutes on the eliptical was up…


5 thoughts on “Blooming Spring

  1. This sounds like EVERY time I go to the gym… even with my music! I can’t imagine forgetting it! But wow, God just speaks to you… even while at the gym after THE PUNISHER! Haha. That’s just good stuff.

  2. I really needed this! I’ve had alot of really tough things happen all in the past 2 weeks but the past 3 months have been leading up to it. To be honest for this whole week I kept thinking ‘this feels never-ending!’. Thanks for the reminder that things change, they don’t stay in that winter forever they do start to get bright and colorful again. They do end.

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