With Beauty Comes Responsibility (December 7, 2007)

“With privilege comes responsibility”…a line of profound truth quoted from the movie, EverAfter, between Cinderella and her future prince. I would add to that and say also… With Beauty comes responsibility.

I will never forget an interaction I had with one of the football players I knew while in college. He used to come around me often teasing me about my stance and commitment to purity. And one day he said to me how he did not understand why I wouldn’t “get with” any of the guys and …what a waste of my beauty.

In shock I stared at him for a moment and then I passionately responded to what he had said.

A waste of my beauty?! I asked. Wow. Do you really think God made women beautiful for the purpose of being desired and “had” by  men sexually? And then with that reasoning- the more beautiful you are…the more men should have you?! 

He had no response (which was probably a smart move).

God definately did not make some women more physically beautiful so that they could be the more desirable ones to men and therefore be the most had by men. What a deception!

What he said to me that day has made me have to really search out the matter about outward beauty and what is the purpose of having it? And why are some women created more physically beautiful than others?

I found my answer in the life of Esther.

Esther was a young Jewish woman who went from being an orphan adopted by a relative, to ruling as a Queen saving the whole Jewish nation from Genocide.  It was clear that God had created her with this specific purpose, but He also did something else that helped her get into the running of becoming the next Queen…He made her physically beautiful (Esther 2:7 says that she was beautiful of form and face). Because when the king was looking for a new Queen, he was looking for and wanted to find a beautiful woman. And he had his attendants and overseers go to all the cities gathering all the- “beautiful young virgins”…And, thus finding-Esther.

Esther was created with a purpose to someday help save her people. God used her beauty to make a place for her to do that. And with her beauty she fulfilled her responsibility.

What if you were created a little more externally beautiful? What are you doing with that beauty? Are you using it for your glory? Or for God’s?  You have a responsibility to God to use that beauty as a vehicle for greater good to help mankind. Your beauty is not yours to be used as a mechanism of personal adoration, nor is it for you to savor all the attention you get from onlookers.  It is truly a responsibility. A responsibility you have to use your beauty as a voice, a leader, an influencer …to a person, a people, a country, a cause- all for the glory of God.

With beauty comes responsibility.

Don’t waste your beauty. Use it for God’s glory : )


2 thoughts on “With Beauty Comes Responsibility (December 7, 2007)

  1. Wow! I particularly loved this because I used to have the distorted thinking that beauty was a tool to get what I needed and wanted. Basically a way to manipulate guys. I struggled with that until I finally (really) learned that I was created for more than that, and that as a woman I deserve respect, not to be objectified. Just another thing Mercy did for me! 🙂 It’s funny just how screwed up your thinking can get living in this fallen world!

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