Why the Butterfly? (February 3, 2007)

Why the Butterfly?

What is it about the butterfly that intrigues me?

Do you ever just sit and wonder about things? Webster’s dictionary describes the word “wonder”  as an event inexplicable by the laws of nature; a miracle.

I often wonder about alot of things…I wonder how a baby can grow miraculously inside the belly of a woman? I wonder how can I see the wind’s effects, yet not be able to grasp it with my hands? I wonder how God knows every single grain of sand on every beach in the world?! The lists of wonders goes on and on! Well, what about the butterfly?…

The butterfly…yes, another amazing wonder to me! What is amazing to me is how it begins as one creation and is transformed into something so completely different. And what a great picture of hope and freedom for our lives!

God has given us natural things so that we could better understand spiritual things. “Therefore if any man (or woman) is in Christ, he (she) is a new creation; the old things have passed away; behold new things have come!” (2 Corinthians 5: 17). The butterfly is a beautiful illustration that our lives can be changed…our lives can look different than what they are right now…there is hope!

When I think of a caterpillar (the butterfly’s origin) I think- sticky, stinky, bound to a limb or the ground, slinking through life, vulnerable to someone capturing it or worse- crushing it.

When I think of the butterfly…
I think of freedom, beauty, mystery, miracle and hope. What a beautiful illustration of a new life in knowing Jesus Christ.

My life before knowing Jesus was a life of slinking around, insecurities, fears & captivity. Now it is a life that has been transformed by the blood of Christ to become a new creation, a new life of freedom & joy, unique beauty, and blossoming hope- a miracle! …Just like the beautiful creation of the butterfly : )

Have hope, be free and be beautiful.


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