Victoria’s Secret (February 3, 2007)

One of the social issues that really gets to me…is pornography. It makes me mad and sad all at the same time. I was sitting at Starbuck’s thinking about pornography on a deeper level, looking at what lies within the hearts of those who participate in it- the men who look at it and the women who provide the look.  These were the thoughts that followed:

How do you win someone over to the world of self value and self-worth when the powers of lust and greed of pornography are fighting hard to prevent it from happening?

 And who is this woman?

Who is this woman who would choose to make herself purely an object of a man’s lust with no consideration of her value and worth? She is not uncommon at all. She is a woman who does not value herself. She is a woman who does not like who she is. She is a woman who loathes the reflection she sees looking back at her in the mirror. She is a woman who feels so empty, lacking a sense of peace and love in her soul, that she is willing to “sell her soul” to gain the illegitamate affection of a man to fill that void. She craves the attention of men because without it her deep insecurities would constantly be screaming at her. Deep inside she knows that she is only valued because of what she looks like and how much skin she shows.

 Yet she continues to live in disillusionment, tricking herself into believing that if she can get men to want her and lust after her she will feel beautiful. Such a painful deception. Instead of feeling beautiful, in exchange she is left with feelings of shame, dissappointment, self-hatred and sadness.

 And who is this man?

This man has images burned into his mind, lusting after this “sure-thing” woman that is not even real. And he loses himself into this fantasy world of lies, offering him a sense of masculinity and strength because he can “have” this illusion of perfection. Ironically, it leaves him with a destructive type of emasculinity when he finds that this illusion of a woman is in fact in power over him! And, instead of strength, he is left with weakness; a weakness that brings a true state of slavery to his soul.

A silent form of slavery mastering the souls of men and women all over the world today- pornography.

Who holds the key to unlocking these chains? And what does freedom look like? Freedom comes when men and women are swept off their feet by the True Love of a lifetime; the One who loves them deeply; the One who values them; the One who will never use or abuse them; the One who will forever be faithful to them; the One who respects them; the One who is the Healer to their soul…the One known as Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret (February 3, 2007)

  1. I SO agree with this- God is a gentleman, and He will never push Himself on you.

    Another store that really bothers me is Abercrombie and Fitch- they hire men and women based on looks (literally, I had a friend who told me his hours were cut because he had gained a little weight!) and their catalogues can only be ordered by people aged 17+ because they are basically softcore porn. :\

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