Painted by the Hand of God (December 11, 2007)

My dream last night:

As I was walking I noticed a bunch of ladybugs on the ground all around me. And as soon as I picked one up, it was like in the movies when the camera zooms in on something and everything else goes dim and silent. As I held the ladybug in the palm of my hand, it was magnified to where it covered my whole hand. And the colors of it were vibrant. As I was staring at its bright red body with a sprinkle of dots on it, I saw God’s hand come with a paint brush and finish coloring the black spots on it.

I was utterly fascinated! Wow! I thought to God, “That IS right…You ARE the One who has painted the spots on a ladybug. And not just this one, but ALL of them. And, there are SO many of them! Yet, You have hand-painted each one of them

If God has handpainted every spot on each ladybug in the world…how much more has He been involved in handpainting every fine detail of the artwork of us?

As I laid in bed thinking about this, I thought of Psalms 139 and how God has uniquely fashioned each one of us. It is His hand that is behind the brush of beauty and uniqueness that has finely painted our “outer shell” (like the ladybug and He did name it a “lady” bug, so He had to make sure to paint it pretty!-hee!)

Think about your skin color, your eye color, your lip color, your hair color…every color having to do with who you are has been intricately and beautifully handpainted by God’s very own hand!

P.S. I am adding this the day after writing this blog…when I was getting ready to sew something today I turned on the machine lights and sitting right under the light was …A ladybug! It was so amazing to see the many spots on it and how different each one was. I just smiled to God for this sweet little gift sitting here waiting for me : )


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